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Verification of stationary installation annual report

Thermal and electric power generation, chemical production, refineries, glass and ceramics and other sectors have been covered by the EU ETS since 2005 to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Operators of these installations are required to submit an emissions report each year and surrender the relevant quantity of emission allowances on the basis of this report.

The annual emission reports must be verified by an independent verifier accredited for the relevant sector according to EN ISO 14065:2013. We perform verifications for most of the industrial sectors included in the EU ETS, both in the Czech Republic and abroad (see the annex to the accreditation certificate for more details).

The verification of annual emission report is also related to the verification of the so-called baseline data reports and activity level reports, which serve as the basis for the allocation of free allowances.

Aviation verifications

The EU ETS has been extended to the civil aviation sector since 2012. Aviation operators must annually report their CO2 emissions.

In addition, in some cases they must also submit a tonne-kilometre report to assess the emission efficiency of their operations.

In 2019, a pilot phase of a global mechanism for reducing emissions in air transport - the CORSIA system - was launched, and it might eventually replace the European system.

We provide verification services for all emissions and TKM reports for Czech, European and non-European airlines, also taking into account the linking with the Swiss ETS or in contrast, the separation of the UK ETS.

Fluorinated gases verification

Efforts to reduce the impact of greenhouse gases on climate have resulted in the introduction of a quota system for placing of fluorinated greenhouse gases (also known as HFC gases or F-gases) on the European market. 

The quota system applies to all companies producing or importing the relevant F-gases, even in the case of imports in pre-filled equipment such as heat pumps, air conditioners or refrigeration equipment.

Verification of the annual reports of these operators is mandatory from a certain volume of F-gases placed on the market. We carry out verifications for all categories of importers and producers.

Verification for compensation of indirect costs

Indirect cost compensation is targeted at companies in sectors that have been identified as having a significant risk of carbon leakage due to the pass-through of GHG costs into electricity prices.

The compensation claim form must be accompanied by a form calculating the operating data in the reference period. The data provided in the form must be verified against primary operating data.

The verified form must be submitted by 15 March of the year following the calendar year for which the compensation is claimed.

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